Weight loss can be a challenging process, but you don’t have to do it alone! The specialists at Alpha Wave Health Centers are here to help you stay on track and reach your goals. We are happy to offer research based diet plans, exercise and fitness programs to really burn fat as well as state of the art body measurement scanners that track your progress in ways other than a number on the scale.

We want to help you reach your weight loss goals and restore your good health. Being at an optimal weight brings so many improvements to your quality of life like physical mobility, enhanced mental health, reduced risk of cardiovascular and chronic degenerative diseases to name a few. Depending on your goals and level of commitment, we can draft a diet plan that is unique to you and you can watch as you finally get the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Diet Programs We Offer

At Alpha Wave Health Centers, we work very closely with our patients to determine what weight loss program is best suited to their body type. We are happy to offer diet plans like the Keto diet and Atkins, which have a substantial amount of research to back them up. But we are also able to draft a customized diet plan based on your specific needs. Every person is different, so we offer weight therapy that is unique to the individual for optimal results.

Ketogenesis Diet

This diet turns conventional diets on end and involves eating foods high in fat, adequate amounts of proteins and a low amount of carbs. The goal is that you are programming your body to look at fat as its primary energy source. Instead of converting carbohydrates into energy, your diet provides a high fat content that your body can be trained to break down for fuel.

Once your body recognizes low carb levels and an increase in fats, you enter a metabolic state called Ketosis. This is where your body has achieved a higher efficiency for burning fat and with dedication, the weight will begin to fall off.

There are various methods and cycles of the Keto diet that can be incorporated into your diet, depending on your goals and how committed you are. Speak with one of our trained professionals about which method could be right for you!

Atkins Diet

Although this diet has been around since the ‘70’s, nutritionists and dietary science have begun to understand more about it each year. The Atkins diet is based around a very low consumption of carbohydrates as well, by substituting more protein into your diet, you feel fuller and more satiated while consuming less calories.

Essentially, just by removing the easy to eat, calorie dense carbohydrates, you will lose weight simply by eating more filling meals that consist of fewer calories. Speak with one of our expert nutritionists about how the process works, as well as to learn about the different stages of the diet you can follow depending on your goals.

Custom Diet Plan

As mentioned above, you may have tried certain diets before and been unsuccessful with your weight loss goals. That doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause or that your goals aren’t achievable. It just means that your body may require a diet plan that is unique to your specific needs. You might metabolize foods in a different way than most people, or you body may search for different bioavailable nutrients first.

The idea is that if mainstream diets don’t appeal to you, or have failed to help you, the experts at Alpha Wave Health Centers are happy to create a custom diet plan that is unique to you! We can examine the areas you find problematic and create a solution that not only motivates you, but gets you real results!

Fitness And Exercise

A crucial part of every diet plan, fitness and exercise are an important aspect to losing weight and restoring your good health. Although it’s true that you can lose weight with calorie restricted diets and healthy eating, exercise can really accelerate your weight loss.

When you engage in moderate exercise for 30 minutes a or more, your body enters different metabolic states as it searches for energy. By engaging in demanding activities, your body begins to burn calories and eventually fat.

At Alpha Wave Health Centers, we encourage our patients to engage in a minimum of light cardio or walking. Depending on your overall health and ability, the length and intensity of the cardio will differ. Exercise is always unique to the individual, based around how quickly you want to see results and what your goals are.

Cutting Edge Technology Keeps You Motivated

At Alpha Wave Health Centers, we believe that integrating technology into our practices offers amazing results for our clients. One of the ways we keep our weight loss patients motivated is by using technology to track their progress, utilizing more metrics than the simple weight scale.

We have a state of the art body scanning machine that is able to track and monitor a variety of key body metrics that can show your progress on a weekly basis, such as:

Body Measurement Scan: The machine scans your entire body, taking precise measurements that you can use as a benchmark for your progress. Five pounds might not sound like much, but an inch off of your waist can be very encouraging.

Body Mass Index: Another useful measurement for determining your progress. Your BMI is a ratio that uses your height and compares it to your current body weight. Based on those two numbers, it can be used as an indicator if you are sitting at an unhealthy weight, and also notifies you when you are at a healthy weight.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey At Alpha Wave Health Centers Today!

Losing weight on your own can be challenging. Without professional guidance and metrics to measure your progress, it can be tough to stay dedicated to your diet and see real results. Call or book an appointment online with one of our specialists to learn more about what diet and exercise plan can help you reach your weight loss goals!