I’ve been dealing with upper back pain for years, the result of a shoulder injury I got playing football in high school. I’ve tried everything from stretching, rehab, medications and deep tissues messages through-out the years. I figured I would give AcuteWave a shot. I’m happy I did though, because I can’t remember the last time I’ve went even a few days without pain. It’s definitely helped relieve the pain and I don’t feel as stiff in the mornings either. If you’re in pain, give this a shot, truly does work.
– A.L.

I had been suffering with carpal tunnel for years. I had been told by my doctors that surgery was my only option. I was glad to find AcuteWave and the doctors at Alpha Wave Health Centers. After the 1st treatment, I notice a dramatic improvement. The stiffness and pain was almost completely gone.
– G.M.

For almost 10 years I’ve had mid back pain when walking distances. Chiropractors, massages, shoe inserts were always just temporary relief for a few days at most. I made a choice and went to AlphaWave to have a session of treatments performed on my mid-back. It’s been a month and I can walk farther and harder than ever before, 7 miles the other day and I didn’t even have to bend down to stretch my back whereas before the treatment I would have to every 30 mins at least. I’m hugely impressed! – D.W.

The above testimonials show what actual real life patients have to say about AcuteWave after their visits. Signed statements attesting to the validity of each testimonial is kept at our offices. For confidentiality only first names and initials are used as requested by each patient. Individual results vary.