Alpha Wave Health Centers

is an Alpha Medical Group Company having its headquarters in St Augustne, Florida. Together with our partners, we have over 15 years experience in treating men with Erectile Dysfunction. Our medical doctors have over 25 years of combined experience treating patients with chronic pain and opiate addictions. Our technology using Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy is the core practice of our clinics. We help our patients with Erectile Dysfunction using ED protocols and for Pain Management, we offer AcuteWave™ Protocols. AcuteWave™ is also an Alpha Medical Group Company that is determined to help patients with both acute and chronic pain using Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy. Both ED Protocols and AcuteWave™ are a natural approach in modern healthcare. Here at Alpha Wave Health Centers we never use needles, drugs or surgery to achieve our patients’ goal to feel better, stronger and achieve overall personal performance.